This wretched brain gave way, and I became a wreck at random driven, without one glimpse of reason or heaven. Thomas More

Ah where do I start, first…how about Hello. Yes I fell off the planet again.
I do that
here’s why. I’ve forgotten how to say things without censoring every other word.
I can’t talk about politics because I’ll offend a friend.
I can’t vent about certain parts of my life because it’s impolitic.
Other things just sound paranoid, heh.
I’m tired, I’ve been very sad. Something has been taken away from me that meant the world to me, a thing that will never happen again. Soon I’ll be less oblique.

So here is what I dreamed last night

Water, dark and darkening
I wake up uncertain.
Did this happen?
wandering out into the hall.

Where are they?
Tyson pool

What happened to everything? Why is everyone missing, things underwater


I am unclothed and

cannot find them.

Disassembled detroit clock

What do I do?
Farmhouse bedroom after flood copy

I’m lost, it’s dark and the water is dirty.