Random servings

I had to get out of bed and publish last night’s and it lacked content. I may go back and add some, wonder if that is permitted for nablopomo?

I’ve just been kinda down since I got the flu and because of some friend issues.And work has been large.

I think as long as you get something up it counts.

I finally finished with a huge huge project at work that has been a thorn in my side (and in many other people’s sides as well) I’m waiting for the relief to set in.

I’m steadfastly ignoring the radio and news right now. I’m so fed up with the entire thing. I am disgusted with the Republicans who drove us into a ditch and with the Democrats who didn’t have the balls to drive us up and out. The entire thing is just a big mess and sometimes I wish for anarchy. I’m tired of the rhetoric. I’m tired of the yelling. I’m just sick and tired of all of it.

If this were a few years ago I would spout off about all sorts of things, but now…now I have a kid who might be affected. Now I have a job I don’t want to dooce myself out of. Now, even though I get peeved with people it seems that it is better to be circumspect –well the town is a lot smaller than San Francisco

I’m glad tomorrow is Friday. I work at my daughter’s school –no I’m actually employed, not just volunteering–and I really enjoy being there, seeing what I can make work better. Plus the teachers are really great, just like they are at the Middle School I’m at the other 4 days a week.

Still…I need some rest. I really need to sleep a LOT and also not get dressed at all on Sunday.Yesssss…stay in my PJs and play with my new kindle. There’s a plan. But first, one more day of work.