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December 8, 2015   /   byJyllian M  / Categories :  Blogging Challenges, Daily blather, Reverb15

Reverb Day 8: Alchemy and Serendipity

The answer for serendipity is easy. It happened a little more than a year ago, but it has made my life immeasurably

better–finding a good friend again. Another friend happened to post an instagram pic of getting her hair done and who was doing her hair but one of my favorite friends from high school. Yay for having Paul back in my life. He has also returned my hair from the brutal chopped up blonde state it was in August of 2014 to the bright red happy state it is in now. Even better are the talks and lunches. It was just one big wonderful accident I came across his picture that day. I’ve probably already written about him, but hey. He is among the most important friendships of my high school years like L,L,L,S,A,GII, B and E. Would not have made it through without them.


I’ve worked hard in several ways to get to my current better outlook. I’m nearing the second year of no alcohol. I may not stay this way forever, but for now it is the right decision with all of the things we have going on. I’ve got my brain meats marinating in the right concoction again. I’ve got the ability to choose finally whether I’m going to roll around in the bad like my cats in catnip or take a beat and refocus. I can lament or celebrate. It’s up to me, ’cause I can’t change them or it or those things.


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