O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind? ~Percy Bysshe Shelley

IA solid stretch of whitenesst has been a long winter.  A very long winter. There have been actual feet of snow. There have been too many inches of ice. Many missed days of school and work.  I think it is 11 or 12 now.  What you see in these pictures isn’t actually snow, it’s ice. It was freezing rain, then sleet then what seemed like tiny hail…that went on for hours. But this is nothing NOTHING like the ice storm of …2009? That was epic and horrible. Back Yard in the mini IcestormWe were without power for a week. It seems like our little town has learned something about taking care of power at least during those times. Our street doesn’t see a plow until the melt starts to happen. That’s a problem—I can’t drive down the driveway in my wee cube, but J can. The problem comes when I try to drive to work. It isn’t that far, but the side streets don’t get plowed…and my car is not made for snow, not a bit. Last time I tried to go in I slid into the ditch twice. The snowstorm before this one there was an 8? car pileup just around the corner from me. So I don’t even try. Because it won’t work—I’ll just slide off into a ditch in my wonderful and adorable Cube.

I am pleased with what The Bean’s school is doing tho…they have extended the school day. She says she really doesn’t notice it. They’ll get out on time that way. It’s a better thing than going to school on Saturday. That makes everyone unhappy.

I think maybe we are done with winter. I hope I didn’t say that loud enough for the Snow Miser to hear.