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Well I went by Walmart, just to see if there was anything that needed to be a part of our (ok, let’s just say it—ongoing)Halloween—and while some things looked good at first I only ended up with a skeletal bride and groom—not much really jumped out as I roamed the aisles.

It looked good at first but that is probably just because I get excited at Halloween displays.

I made this little movie—badly I might add—with my iphone. I probably should have tried to shoot it landscape but I’m not sure if it works that way. I’ll find out today. I edited with Windows Live movie maker. I will always prefer Adobe premiere elements for the right mix of complexity and ease of use for my level of video editing—but this wasn’t shabby for something you need to get out on the web quickly. I’d say it compares with iMovie quite favorably.




Now go check out the Countdown to Halloween website. I’m having great fun reading all the wonderful Halloween folk at our favorite time of the year.