Somehow, if you just keep clicking you come up with amazing pictures, which is why I LOVE digital cameras.

We had the BEST time at Autumn fest on Saturday

I have loads of pictures, but I’m preoccupied now.

but there is this:

She was just the most amazing Bean. I think sometimes it is easy to underestimate what these kidlets are capable of. As I hyperventilated (only a slight overstatement) She climbed 20 feet in the air, went through suspended hoops, slid down tall slides far above our heads and squealed joyfully the entire time.

It is very interesting being scared THIS way. I am thrilled by her mastery, even moreso than my own as a youth. It is so hard to stand back and let her risk …let her risk



But she manages all of those and keeps trying. Usually she doesn’t even touch those. She just flings herself at the challange and speeds through.