If the stress exceeds a critical value,the material will undergo plastic, or irreversible, deformation. This critical stress can be tensile or compressive.

With three weeks to go, I’m not going to make it. Not nablopomo, my graduate degree.


I study hours every night, write lesson plans, work on papers for more than 16 hours each weekend. What this tells me is that


Well then.

I don’t know if I have the strength to keep this up. This is burning the joy and care right out of me.

I have always loved school. I have always loved teaching. I have always loved working hard. Right now there are two moments of joy in my life–when I wake up Bean in the morning and when I tuck her in at night. That’s about 20 minutes total.

That’s not right.

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  1. I just staggered onto your blog via NaBloPomo’s blog roll. I’ve only just met you here, but I wanted to say hi and to wish you well. From the little I’ve read so far, it sounds as though you are going through a tough time. Best wishes to you! I’ll be back to see how it’s going. 🙂

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