I am not a person who wears brown

December 13, 2015   /   byJyllian M  / Categories :  Blogging Challenges, Reverb15

Reverb Day 13 
What are you going to shake off with fierceness before you enter the new year? 

Hmmm. There are several things I should, but only one I’m ready for.burstintoflames


I am not a person who wears brown.
My hair is not your golden color.
I stumble in heels and my skirts
are printed with ravens, writing desks and calaveras.
I know what all the silverware means,
but I spill on those tablecloths.
My small talk is stilted and odd, I’d rather
ask you questions that makes you gasp.
It has taken too long, but
with certainty I can say–
I am not a person who wears brown
or uses the shrimp fork
with any regularity.

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