Happy number 6

I can’t believe the Bean has been with us for six years. It seems like yesterday that she was my little round headed baby with the dandelion hair. Then my muddy toddler, into everything with both hands and a big giggle. My preschooler covered in paint and chocolate. But now she’s my almost first grader, the princess of why and junior bedtime litigator. I’m constantly amazed by how much she changes every day and how much we change to make sure she has the guidance and protection she needs. She told me this morning, as she has many times “I was born and made you parents, poof just like that.” And it’s true and she makes us moreso every day.

5 to 6 hasn’t been the easiest, not just for the losses we’ve had but for her departure from the garden of innocence. Really that happens with kindergarten when our children have to navigate more of their days away from us than with us. They really are learning to deal with the world more as it is than as we would have it. There are kids who have more, who have less, who are happy or angry. There are kids who are obviously loved and kids you wonder about. She isn’t surrounded only by our love anymore but by the world. And it seems like the world is spinning faster these days.







I’m glad you are our daughter Miss Bean, you are a new adventure daily and twice on Sundays.