Frozen Jack

ice storm_0662
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First of all we are OK. NW Arkansas has been declared a disaster area. The worst Ice Storm in the state’s  history. We were without power until just now–4 days in a 40 degree house, all of us dressed like bagladies. We slept in coats, hats and scarves and cooked by candle light. I re discovered how much I like coloring books. We read a lot. I didn’t get much homework done because it was too cold to think. I only cried once, when they told us yesterday it might be until Saturday or next week until the power came on.
We’re opening our house up to anyone who needs warm water and heat, just like everyone else in NWA. Click on the picture for the series. We’ll be posting some of the backyard soon, it’s even worse than the front.
All in all an adventure, but not one I’d like to have again. And James? Let’s just say he was the mighty protector and it is damn good to have a physicist around when you are talking about survival. He knew to heat water on the stove and made our drinking bottles in to hot water bottles. The cats monopolized those. Zack, the smallest red cat got right up next to one and growled when other cats tried to get close to it too–obviously he needed it all to himself.

We also found out the the fireplace works just fine and that we need a lot of firewood. Since we lost most of the trees in our yard, that won’t be a problem. Good thing J bought a chainsaw a few weeks ago.

It’s disjointed, this entry, but I”m still cold.