Forward this, otherwise tomorrow morning your underwear will turn carnivorous~Billy Connolly

I hate chain letters.

I hated them when they came through snail mail, back when I was a kid and I hated them when I’d get them on compuserve. I hated them back in the concentric days and I hate them now.

Cannot believe people forward things that say “you’ll have bad luck if you don’t do X” or

“you’ll see your true love if you just send this thing to 50 people.”


Just don’t cause you won’t. You won’t have bad luck, you won’t see your true love, you won’t win a million dollars. You will annoy the crap out of me.

And you might scare a kid.

Chain letters/postings are showing up on one of my daughter’s dress up doll sites.

Yes I monitor everything she does—I get copies of all her email sent and received and I check every day. I have all her passwords and log on to her sites. She’s also very good at asking me questions and telling me when something seems weird.

This was one doozy of a chain letter. The Bloody Mary variety. If you don’t post this she’s going to come and kill you.


Scared her so much she had to sleep with well…me. Mr. J slept on the couch because our skinny biscuit can occupy an entire queen bed with her 5 knees and 42 elbows. If you add in at least three cats, there just wasn’t room for Mr. Man. She was scared and crying . She did help with what she called “a revolution” to stop the posting of that nonsense.

That’s my girl.

Seriously people—don’t forward crap. Think before you do. Bill Gates will NEVER give you money.

You will not win an ipad.

You will not get eaten by trolls.

Go to Snopes and check it before you hit send. Because otherwise I’m going to say something rude. Possibly quite rude and make you go back to internets 101.