Every November it is the same

I am still sick from the flu I caught three weeks ago. Still feel yucky. I hope I have the energy to go to the Fantasy Ren Faire with the Bean and James tomorrow. Right now, I’m barely able to keep going. I’m very very tired.

So I looked over my last oh, five Novembers, trying to find out how long I’ve been doing Nablopomo. I think I finished every year I tried. Unfortunately though, November is a rotten month for me. My Dad died in November and it seems like every year since it’s just been crappy.

I miscarried in November. I found out I was pregnant but knew it was going bad another November. I let go of my life long dream to be a teacher last November (it’s very sad, but it was the right decision). I’ve had pneumonia, a sinus infection or the flu each November. The list of bad November things goes on.

I don’t like November.

I was feeling hurt as I remembered the miscarriages and how Dr. Hinton treated me (so callously, so rudely)
so I filled out some more surveys about how horrible she is. Yes that helped.

I think I’m going to eat Anniversary cake and sleep tonight. A lot.

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  1. Deanielle

    I know what you mean. Pretty much through Jr. High and High School I couldn’t get through November without someone dying. Family members, friends of the family, friends, tragedies, suicides…it just went on and on.

    November is still a very melancholy time for me.

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