Due to the lack of experienced trumpeters, the end of the world has been postponed for three weeks ~Unknown

It must be nigh unto the apocalypse because this is two posts in under a week and it isn’t even November (Nablopomo)!

Well here’s my end of the world song:

Mambo Number 5


Because it should all be about lots of lusty bits and dancing with good saxophones.

So I’m sitting here and I’ve been trying to write this off and on all night, but I got to have some time with a good friend and then a bit later another good friend and maybe some something else later..

humuna humuna humana

well all the things I was going to say have nearly flown out of my head. I was going to write about:

the presumption that we could know a gods will

that because of some silly shit we did that we could piss off a god enough to end a world that includes things more important than us –like well animals and bugs and shit

And how mad I am at the people who are taking advantage of the rapture people and making them pay to care for their pets.

Ok, I’m a sort of Gaia Buddhist not disregarding Christianity person and DAMN but I would not take advantage of the poor dorks who are concerned about their cats!

and dogs.

Well I was going to write an entirely different thing tonight, but I’m writing this.

What is YOUR end of the world song. I guess I might like to hear a different song as I died, but that is different than a song at the end of the world.

Mine would we a toss up between:

I’m Blue


Which honest to god, might be the theme for my whole life

or this

one of the best songs ever!