"Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble." — Shakespeare

Actually finished this yesterday but we we SO tired from our weekend of cleaning and decorating that we all just fell over.

Today we made our (probably) last trip to the Spirit Store until after Halloween. That makes um…four. They had a 25% of coupon so we scored a replacement fog machine and completed our costumes.

We’re going as a family of vampires. The funny thing is—James and I only bought fangs and me a wig. Why? Well the rest of the outfits come out of our ‘evening’ (cough gothclub cough) attire. You know that phase we’ve been going through for oh crap over 25 years now? It’s funny in a way that’s hard to describe—that people on Halloween dress up, one night a year, in your preferred clothing—well minus the fangs.

We don’t dress up all the way so much anymore—special occasions usually but still  only my work clothes are colorful. It’s the happiest time of the year, Halloween. More videos coming as we finish the inside. The outside still has a ghost floating above the roof to go up and a ginormous spiderweb. The inside—oh so much to be done, but we need more extension cords!

I’ll leave you with this. The tune is especially fun for me as someone who didn’t like us very much back in the day called us (J, me and our friends at the time “clown car goths” ) we wear it with pride.