Behind Blue Eyes

Reverb Day 5

Supposed to show a picture of myself on this one. I hate having my picture taken. I have a round head, an overbite and not much of a chin. I’m seeing wrinkles and I pick at my cuticles.

I have finally outgrown the scare cut of a year ago August, thanks to the ministrations of my friend Paul, who doesn’t get impatient with my hair “thing”.  Remember that waitresses song “Everything’s wrong if my hair is wrong?” Yeah kinda.


I got my red hair back and got a bit happier. I got my longer hair back and got a bit happier and then took a picture or two. I’m not one much for the selfie, but I managed a few this year. And I actually like them. That’s progress.

hair finally grown enough to curl
Last blonde picture
Last blonde picture


Going red
Going red


Finally I look like myself again.
Finally I look like myself again.


    • Jyllian M Jyllian M

      Thank you! I have to use steam rollers and things like that. Because curly red hair is the dream, but apparently you can either have curly (a permanent) or red but not both. Steam rollers work in hard to curl hair if you ever have a chance to try them.

  1. Corinne

    Great to see your journey back to ‘happy hair’. When I moved to AZ I found a Hair Wizard that at my first appointment informed me I had curly hair. I protested that was only when I was very young, not for the balance of my life experiences. She was right… I DO have curly hair!!!

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