A man loves the meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age. Shakespeare

I clean and organized lots in the kitchen today. I did massive amounts of paperwork.

Also I made the MOST AMAZING coconut milk, chocolate, cinnamon ice cream, Used a little bit of honey, quite a bit of erythritol and some Watson’s double vanilla. Voila—tastes much like Mitchell’s Mexican Chocolate ice cream and NO sugar crash!

I then took the Bean swimming. I swear she would live in water if she could. I was the same way when I was a kid.

I’m about ready to try swimming laps. It’s very weird, after not really swimming for years (there was no pool to get to in SF or Chicago—the Barrington pool, well Bean was too little for me to swim)—well let’s just say I can’t do all the cool stuff I used to do in the water. I get disoriented way more easily. I used to turn flips (even back flip off the side of the pool) with abandon, not so much now. Hey I can go under water and play with the kidlet so that’s all that’s absolutely necessary. Tomorrow when I pick up the niece and Bean and take them swimming, I’m going to try laps. yep.

Friend came by and went shopping in the books and things collection in the dining room. I am looking forward to that being done with.  I will have the entire house re-disorganized before school starts. I will feel in control of all our various bits again.

No really. And I’m going to have fun and do some things too. I AM.