“How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being.~Oscar Wilde

Just dropping in to say that any second now I’m going to find my rhythm and start writing here regularly again. It’s been quite a transition to go from the insanity of school to working full time. It’s an improvement on so many levels, but now we need to find the way this will work for all of us, the family flow of the many things we need to get done and would like to do.

And now my .02 on Valentine’s Day.



I don’t care for it, I think I quit caring for it before I actually gave up on it because I thought I was supposed to care about it. Somewhere in 1993 maybe? Eh I’ve had folks that made an effort and it was nice but very rarely was did it ever make sense. It just felt forced. And the best Valentine’s is this..and the last 10. Why?

Because we just don’t do it. The Bean does and that’s fun. Kids doing Valentine’s with friends is just great, but the rest of it is contrived. Isn’t it just a greeting card holiday? It may have begun based in an ancient fertility festival, but fertility has never been a big part of my life–well I avoided it longer than I wanted it. Then wanted it fiercely …and now I’ve given up on it. Maybe if I think about February as being the month the “birds began to pair” as it was in the middle ages it isn’t so bad.

This sounds a lot more depressing than it is. I just don’t get it. I love his birthday and getting him surprises for no reason. I love our anniversary–but this seems somehow impersonal. Perhaps because we’d be sharing it with everyone else and we’re just not joiners. Hee.

Anyway. Happy Valentine’s to those who celebrate it and I hope you enjoyed your Sunday to everyone else.